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Parkinson’s disease becoming pandemic as corona virus

The evolvement of Corona virus has caused a lot of Deaths Nationwide and continues to kill people. Coronavirus spreads  very fast and has hit every country hard, the fights for Corona virus is still ongoing but another disease which is also becoming pandemic is the Parkinson’s disease.

Research shows that Parkinson’s disease does not spread like coronavirus but present in almost every nation globally, it’s a long-term disease and the rate at which people are suffering from Parkinson’s disease is alarming.

It is caused by genetics( the cells that make up a person can in a way may  have some abnormally ) Muhammad Ali suffered parkinsonism as a result of is genetic makeup but this is not really common.

Head injury or prolong exposure to pesticides in our communities. The most common cause which is recorded almost Nationwide is exposure to pesticides, insecticide and fungicide for farming. This means that our farmers who use this chemical for farming and  individuals also leaving around this farming community have greater risk of getting  Parkinson’s disease in future. Using these chemicals to spray it’s in our homes also poses a challenge to us all.

A research done in California affirms  that individuals who live in places near where a lot of pesticides are used normally so far from parkinsonism in later stages life.

When these chemicals get in contact with our face or they are inhaled they end up destroying the nerve cells in the brain.

When this happens it affects the work of a neurotransmitter called dopamine, dopamine transport impulses through the nerve cells to the brain for movement and coordination so if the nerve cells are damaged dopamine’s cannot work hence the individuals movement and coordination becomes impaired.

Some countries have made it into the constitution that Parkinson’s disease is an occupational hazard and hence anybody who suffers from it especially farmers will be catered for for the rest of their lives.

Signs of Parkinson’s disease include tremors (shaking hands), working slowly, dementia (forgetfulness),  difficulty sleeping, difficulty in movement, unable to stand straight in later stages etc. This shows clearly how Parkinson’s disease is very deadly.

The only way to prevent Parkinson’s disease in Ghana is by the use of organic farming,organic farming does not use chemicals and does not pose any health challenges to our Farmers and those who live near farming communities.

We don’t need to think about how we can change from our inorganic  farming methods to organic  farming because kantanka organic farms  does organic farming and has organic chemical for our crops.

Let’s come together to prevent Parkinson’s disease in Ghana.

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