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A visit to Apostle Safo Kantanka Zoo where Horses, Zebras, Porcupines, Ostriches, Tortoises, Monkeys & More are Found (Video)

Ghana will always be proud of our prolific inventor of our time known as Apostle Emeritus Prof Dr. Ing Kwadwo Safo,  founder and leader of the Kristo Asafo Church and the Kantanka Group.

Apostle Safo is known to be a man of all traits. He is still working hard doing his best to make his birth Country Ghana proud, by keeping variety of hidden animals in his mini Zoo at his working Site at Gomoa Mpota, in the Central Region of Ghana.

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When one of the renowned blogger and CEO of from Ghana known as Ebo Safo visited the area, he was alarmed with lot of great he saw at his working site, especially in terms of animal rearing.

During the visit, it was revealed that the oldest Tortoise is Ghana and Africa was found there.

Check out video of the Zoo with great animals there ranging from over 19 horses, Zebras, Porcupine, Ostriches, Hawks, Rabbits, Peacock and host of other great animals found there.

Check out video below:

Ebo Safo
Ebo Safo
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