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SHS and JHS students to return to school [more details]

The Government of Ghana has announced the reopening of schools for Senior High Schools (SHS) continuing students who were not able to complete their academic year to finish.

President Nana Akufo-Addo announced this while addressing the nation for the 16th time on measures his administration has put in place to fight the global pandemic.

According to him, SHS 2 and Junior High School (SHS) 2 students will return to school from October 5 to December 14, 2020 to complete their academic year.

Addressing the question of the re-opening of our schools, the president stated that his government in consultation with the Ghana Education Service and all relevant stakeholders have arrived at the decision to let form 2 SHS and JHS students return to school to complete their academic year”.

“With Junior High Schools operating with class sizes of thirty (30), and Senior High Schools with class sizes of twenty-five (25), SHS 2 and JHS 2 students will be in school for ten (10) weeks to study, and write their end of term examinations.

He also hinted on the various arrangements being made as far as the COVID-19 safety protocols are concerned.

“SHS 2 students in boarding houses are to return to their various dormitories on 5 October, whilst day students, respecting fully the COVID-19 protocols, will commute from home to their respective schools on the same date.”

“Prior to reopening, all Junior and Senior High Schools will be fumigated and disinfected. Just as was done in the case of final year university, JHS and SHS students, all JHS 2 and SHS 2 students, as well as all teaching and non – teaching staff, will be given reusable face masks. Each School will be provided with Veronica Buckets, gallons of liquid soap, rolls or tissue paper, thermometer guns, and 200 mils containers of sanitizers. JHS 2 students will be given one hot meal a day.”



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