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Myhelp-Yourhelp Foundation liberates destitute communities in the Akuapem South District, Takyikrom

Mr Cofie, Founder and CEO of Myhelp-Yourhelp Foundation

Myhelp-Yourhelp Foundation is a group of working-class professionals (doctors, nurses, lecturers, security officers, engineers, journalists, entrepreneurs etc.) who have come together to pool resources aimed at helping to alleviate the state of the poor, needy and less privileged in society.

According to the Founder and CEO, Mr. Nicholas Cofie, the NGO was established on March 31, 2018 at Adenta in Accra, explaining that, growing up as an orphan himself motivated him to establish the Foundation to assist others, especially orphans, street children, widows etc.

The Foundation in its two and a half years of existence has embarked on 9 major projects. In 2020, the Foundation undertook five projects: namely

  • Donation to Nectar Orphanage in the Lower Manya Krobo Area.
  • Distribution of food items to the people of Madina and it’s surrounding areas during the covid-19 lockdown (in partnership with Axis Pension Trust).
  • Face mask distribution to indigens of Chorkor and it’s surrounding areas in Accra.
  • Feeding of street kids in collaboration with Reggie Rockstone.


The most recent act of benevolence took place on the 19th of December 2020 at Takyikrom. The project started based on a tip off by a friend of the Foundation who expounded the situation of this community.

Takyikrom is a small farming community in the Akuapem South District in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Their main activity is farming. Crops cultivated include pineapple, yam, cassava, vegetables etc. and these do very well due to the mostly humid climatic condition. The village has a population of about 1,000. In terms of gender settlement more than 70% of the population are women. The adults appear to be mostly 45 years and above and children under 15 years of age.

The village have only one chapel which was constructed over 15 years ago by an NGO and that facility doubled as a place of worship for the village and classrooms to the lower primary pupils. The population of school going age in the town is about 300 but until schools closed due to Covid-19 directives in 2020, only about 200 pupils reported to school handled by 5 teachers. The crowded nature of classrooms coupled with lack of learning materials, discouraged pupils from attending school.

According to the project Coordinator, the Team initially visited Takyikrom in July 2020, met with the chief, elders, assemblyman and other opinion leaders of the village. They gathered that, Takyikrom and it’s surroundings had various needs, topmost among them was source of potable water and classrooms. Their sources of water were from a well which provided hard water and a river in the community because the borehole that used to supply potable water was broken down.

The Research and Monitoring Team, headed by the Project Coordinator, Mr. Jeff Kwashie visited Takyikrom on five different occasions to properly assess the area and also work with artisans to draw the budgets of the various projects which included classroom block extension, borehole renovation and miscellaneous activities.

Myhelp-Yourhelp Foundation in line with its objective of helping and providing quality education in deprived areas synchronized with the United Nation’s 17 sustainable development goals (SDG GOALS) consented to construct two additional structures to provide conducive learning space for these pupils and renovate one debilitated borehole that formerly provided potable water to the community.

The Foundation collaborated with Jodi Construction Company Ltd. to help repair the borehole at a cost of over 10,000 Ghana Cedis including labourer for the community at their own cost.

The members of the Foundation raised funds of about 25,000 Ghana cedis to handle the classroom extension project and also supply materials like Veronica buckets, nose masks, toiletries, notebooks, exercise books, pens, pencils, erasers, chalk, other teaching aids etc. These were not without obstacles which included financial limitation and the need for skilled artisans to put up the classroom block since Takyikrom is purely a farming community.

Also, December 19, 2020 was set to dedicate these projects and hold a love feast with the entire community. About 70 members of the Foundation were conveyed to Takyikrom, arriving at about 9:30 am.

The Human Resource Manager, Mr. Isaac Nti and Mr. William Norvidzro, the Health and safety manager of Jodi construction Ltd (a mine construction firm), were present to dedicate the borehole situated at Adukro.

The “Odikro” of the community, Nana Oparegyan, the linguist, Mr. Samuel Kwafo and a representative of the community, Madam Regina Obeng openly expressed their joy and appreciation to the Foundation for such a remarkable gesture.

At the durbar grounds, Lady Pastor Audrey and Lady Pastor Cynthia Oduro shared a word of exaltation from the Book of John 3:16 to all gathered. Bibles and Gospel tracts were consequently distributed to the people.

Dedication of the first phase of the two-unit classroom extension was done by Mr. Jeff Kwashie on behalf of the Foundation.

The books and other learning materials were presented to the community, received by Deaconess Mercy Peprah, Madam Sophia Asare and Madam Benedicta Acolatse.

In an interview with the Deaconess who happened to be a pupils’ teacher at the school, revealed that, two other teachers have left their post due to the numerous challenges. They expressed much joy with the hope that, the items presented will make life better for them and the pupils.

The Head of Coordinators for CSR from Faytex Ghana, producers of Faytex sanitary pads, Madam Rosina Osabu presented boxes of Faytex sanitary pads to the women and maidens in the community and encouraged them to always choose the right pads and beware of pads made with wrong materials and imitations on the market. She also demonstrated best practices to prevent infections, encouraging good female reproductive health.

Myhelp-Yourhelp Foundation medical team also had an exposition to teach the correct handwashing techniques and other practices that will prevent covid-19 infections in the community.

The children were entertained with good music, dancing competitions, food, and drinks. These were not without face painting and Christmas card creation.

A big cake was cut to commemorate the day. Myhelp-Yourhelp Foundation branded nose masks were distributed to the entire community. MC’s for the day was Mr. Patrick Yaw Adjei and Ms. Wendy Mante, both of the Foundation’s Media and Publicity Team.

In an Interview with Pastor Martin Acolatse, who doubled as the Headmaster of the school, stated that “I was posted to Pastor the church 15 years ago. I realized that the nearest school was at Oboadaka which is many kilometers away and that discouraged children from attending school. Five years on, I decided to start a school to reduce the distance trip to school.  Starting was extremely difficult. But I had to use the chapel which could house just kindergarten to class four.  This was not easy at all. It was like a market setting with one class disturbing the other. From class 4 we had to transfer the pupils to continue at Oboadaka. This is quite a journey with no proper means of transport. All those who came by and promised to help us never returned until Myhelp-Yourhelp Foundation showed up. Truly they have given us a two-unit classroom. This is a great source of joy to the entire community. It is our prayer that God showers his blessings on this Foundation”

He openly admitted that:

  • Student population is expected to shoot up to full capacity from 200 to 300.
  • Pupil Spacing in the classrooms will be possible as a measure to observe COVID-19 protocols.
  • Standard of living is expected to improve since education will prepare them for a brighter future and greater opportunities.
  • Issues of teenage pregnancy will also reduce drastically since it is very common due to lack of proper education.

In an Interview with Victoria Oteng Darku and Sandra Osae, pupils who started school in the community school, Elim Divine Academy, stated that, “We were packed in the chapel with teachers screaming all day and struggling to catch our attention. Concentration was difficult. We thank God and Myhelp-Yourhelp Foundation for building two more blocks in the school.  This will bring a lot of relief to our younger siblings and teachers and encourage more parents to send their children to school.”

In inclusion, the Founder and CEO of Myhelp-Yourhelp Foundation, Mr. Nicholas Cofie, appealed to Government, other benevolent organizations, public-spirited individuals as well as other international and local NGOs to partner with the Foundation to enable them reach out to the less privileged communities such as Takyikrom, Koforikrom and Adukro. He said the Foundation was unable to do many projects since it relies mostly on the contributions of its members to undertake its projects but he believes that, as stated by Hudson Taylor, “God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply”.

Mr Nicholas Cofie, CEO of Myhelp-Yourhelp Foundation

In addition, he applauded Jodi Construction Ltd., Faytex, Sheba Food catering Services, Unilever Ghana Ltd, Cake Haven, Mighty Sky Ghana Ltd, Axis Pension Trust Ltd., D&D Catering Services, Ashkan Ltd, Mr. Kusi Afriyie, Madam Eleanor De Heer Clair, Joy Prime, Joy FM, GTV etc and all those who supported in diverse ways for the great sponsorship packages.

He further expressed appreciation to the community heads and all who supported to make this possible. He then used the opportunity to wish all a Prosperous 2021.



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