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How Our Ancestors Tamed Witches Without Fasting & Prayers (Must Read Article)

Dear Comrades,

The works of witches seem to be at the centre of most Christian gatherings lately. Pray against witches in your family; shoot witches in your family, bind witches in your family and many more sayings seem familiar to the Christian folks.

The question is, weren’t witches around in time past? How could our ancestors live so peacefully without worrying about activities of witches?

Many don’t know African (black skin) is the most resilient breed among the _Homo sapiens_. However, this breed is easily programmed constructively or destructively. The law of duality talk about fusion (love) and fission (hatred). Even in chemistry, it is love that causes atoms to donate or share electrons to reach stability – called chemical reaction. When atoms get angry and decide to split electrons, we call it fission.

Love creates stability in black people because of their high carbon concentration (melanin). We(ancestors) knew this so we programmed our societies on principles of oneness.

Black people when bonded together by love are unstoppable but when divided by hatred are extremely catastrophic. The leaders in antiquity knew this so we made rules that could even render witches powerless.

You think we didn’t have witches back then ehhh? We had them and they were those who passed on their knowledge/spirit to this modern breeds that seem to be giving pastors tough times😁. But how could we contain their powers even without prayers, fasting and anointing oil usage? It is simple rules we integrated in societies as leaders that gave them no options but to love. You people call yourselves educated but you’re extremely poor at social engineering.

How did we do it?

As kings, we knew the most powerful people apart from our priests were the witches. In order to reduce potential damage they could cause, we made the following rules:

LIMPOPO, SOUTH AFRICA – MARCH 30: Traditional healers speak to the ancestors during the campaign against ritual killings and witchcraft on March 30, 2015 at Helena or Baloi, a small village in Limpopo, South Africa. The village ismade up of residents who were chased from neighbouring communities after being accused of witchraft. (Photo by Gallo Images / Sowetan / Thulani Mbele)

*Nobody should marry in a family with cases of epilepsy, barrenness, leprosy, etc.*

Simple rule ehhh.
Humans mostly cause damage if they won’t suffer from the consequences. As a witch, if you cause a family member to suffer from leprosy, epilepsy, etc, nobody will marry you or your children or nieces or nephews.

So will you as a witch do that? The answer is no. But we knew few stubborn ones will do…

So the Abusuapanins (spiritual and physical leader of the family) had no choice but were forced to find solutions to such cases. That is how the problem of Kwadwo became the problem of Yaa if we are family or living in the same community.

You have no choice but to love, help and reproach yourselves if you want marriage. Sexual emotion is the most powerful of all emotions and we knew every person would want to express theirs including the witches. Imagine not getting married because a family member is suffering from leprosy.

How do we prevent illegal sexual expression?

We included Bragoro, Kyiribra(puberty rites) and with banishment as punishment for those who expressed their sexual energy illegally (without proper acceptance from the involving families). These measures were able to reduce formication.

*Men were to take care not only of their children but nieces and nephews as well.*

Don’t forget your child is also a niece or nephew of someone. This rule was made to bind members with love. If I’m taking care of your child and you will use your witchcraft to destroy my work, then, over to you! Even a lion can be tamed as a pet if it’s shown love from childhood.

When modern blacks accepted western individualism philosophy (nuclear family), they triggered the hatred in black people. The love that we used to tame all forms of evil spirits started fading. Men in extended family stopped eating together. Aunties became witches and old people became agents of Satans. Siblings were made to fear themselves because each was told to do so by the mum or dad. Extended family houses and properties were neglected and branded as symbols of evil and retrogress.

Morality in black communities declined gradually as people stopped reproaching themselves as community. Now witches have privileges to do any mess they want because you have thrown away rules we used to bind them. If they mess with your works, its your own burden and not that of the family – God for us all, each man for himself.

Nephews/nieces who aren’t witches also became jealous, bitter and angry that they aren’t given the help they need from uncles. If family member has neglected me, why should I help you as a stranger? Now, blacks are in a state of social fission and the Pull Him Down (PHD) is evidence. This can be seen among all blacks globally.

Comrades, if our ancestors could use love and simple rules to tame witches, why can’t we do same. A society with love and oneness at the core can easily progress even if you assemble all evil spirits around the world and camp them there.

Love is infectious and when children are brought up in love, they grow to become loving and helpful people.

Stay inside, eat healthy, laugh and be happy. COVID-19 shall pass.

Your brother from antiquity, : The voice for culture, environment and innovation.


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Ebo Safo
Ebo Safo
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