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Apostle Safo builds Ghana Made Car that moves without Engine but powered by Batteries (Video)

One of the great Ghanaian living legend of our time in technology, called Apostle Dr. Ing. Kwadwo Safo, founder and leader of the Kristo Asafo and the Kantanka Group, who led his group of engineers has produced Ghana’s and Africa’s first engineless vehicle that is powered by batteries. 

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This great Ghana made car by apostle Safo is named Kantanka Odeneho II to prove how solid and great the car is interms of its performance.

According to Apostle Safo, his non – engine vehicle does not rely on on conbustion engine to move, but an electric motor powered by rechargeable batteries.

During the launch of the said vehicle, Kantanka revealed that, the batteries can be recharged with Solar energy or electricity. As you drive the caron the road, it converts the energy from the sun into mechanical energy which powers the car.

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click on the link below to check out how Apstle Safo together with his hard working team were able to manufacture the engineless car from scratch:

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Check out how Ghana Army Commanders visited Apostle Safo at his Site with Helicopter:

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